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Robert Icke

The Doctor


Martin Kušej

Opening night

19 April 2025
Main Stage


Creative team


Tina Mahkota

Drama Igralec: Tina Mahkota | odpri ustvarjalca

The Doctor (2019) by Robert Icke is an adaptation of Arthur Schnitzler’s play Professor Bernhardi (1912). Icke turned a male protagonist into a female and gave it extra poignancy by setting the play in the present day. To augment Schnitzler’s critique of Viennese anti-Semitism, Icke introduced many original motifs: the toxicity of public opinion, directed by social media, the gutter press, TV debates; the abuse of the private in the public sphere, the ferocity of some identity politics, the persistence of seemingly overcome norms – and did not spare the professional ethics either.