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Main Stage

Located in its historic theatre building, the central venue of the SNT Drama Ljubljana is the Main Stage. It is intended for the staging of classical and contemporary Slovenian and international plays. It has a capacity of 434 seats total, in the stalls, the circle, boxes and the balcony. The auditorium which is more than one hundred years old was most recently renovated forty years ago and will be thoroughly revamped again as part of the upcoming comprehensive refurbishment of the SNT Drama Ljubljana.

You can check the schedule of events on the Main Stage here.


Technical specifications:

Floor plan (182.09 KB)
Sections AA (131.53 KB)
Sections BB (104.79 KB)
Lighting plan (138.76 KB)
Sound plan (112.16 KB)

If you require plans in .pln, .dwg or .skp format, please contact