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Wheelchair users

The SNT Drama Ljubljana provides free theatre tickets to persons with disabilities in wheelchairs. A visit to the theatre can be made easier if they are accompanied by a person who is not eligible for a free ticket.

Please note that wheelchair users are kindly requested to come to the theatre not later than fifteen minutes before the performance.

Accompanying persons are kindly requested to contact the usher service upon arrival so that wheelchair platform lifts are prepared as swiftly as possible, allowing the wheelchair user to enter the hall as swiftly as possible.

How to get a free ticket?

Free tickets for a disabled person in a wheelchair are collected at the box office when the performance is not sold out and when the aisles in the auditorium are not utilized as a playing area. Our monthly programme is issued no later than on the 21st day of the month for the next month on our website, and it is possible to arrange a free ticket to a desired performance every working day between 14.00 and 20.00 by phone (01 252 15 11) or in person at the box office. Provided there are free seats in the hall, it is possible to arrange your visit on the day of the performance. If you plan to come to the theatre in a group of maximum six persons and minimum of two, we kindly ask you to notify the box office by phone or email ( By arranging the possibilities and the course of the group visit to the theatre in advance, we can provide an enjoyable and pleasant experience to wheelchair users.

* Please note that during the covid-19 pandemic and its unpredictable circumstances, we post our programme only a week or two in advance and may be obliged to adjust it due to changes that are beyond our control.

Where are the wheelchair platform lifts located?

The Main Stage: a wheelchair platform lift is located outside the side entrance on the right of the building. It si accessible along the ramp from Igriška Street; wheelchair area is reserved on either side of the stalls in the 10th to the 12th row.

The Small Stage: a wheelchair platform is located behind the staircase leading to the Small Stage. It is accessible from Igriška Street; wheelchair area is reserved to the right of the 2nd and 3rd rows (maximum one place) or in the first two rows (maximum five seats, pre-booked only).