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Young audiences

The SNT Drama Ljubljana designs its programme to embrace the needs of young theatre lovers too. We are aware that unfortunately not all children and adolescents grow up in equally friendly and stimulating environment. For many of them, going to the theatre might be one of the few occasions when they can enter a friendlier and more inclusive world, permeated with boundless artistic freedom and inspiring the recognition and development of their own interests and potentials. Therefore, we engage in cooperation with the Association of Friends of the Youth of Slovenia and similar association to enable children from disadvantaged families and their parents to attend theatre performances as often as possible, attend talks and workshops with our in-house theatre pedagogue, backstage tours, etc.

In accordance with our programme resources, we occasionally invite larger groups of children and their minders to see our scheduled performances, or, alternatively, smaller groups, and in some cases, we may also invite them to premieres of performances for children and youth. Also, we donate sponsorship subscriptions.

Since 2013, in cooperation with the Fund 05 – social investment fund, we have encouraged our patrons and theatre fans to donate 0.5% of their personal income tax to support our charity project Discovering New Worlds. Collected donations are used, in cooperation with the Association of Friends of Youth, to enable children and adolescents from disadvantaged families who cannot afford a theatre subscription ticket for the entire season. It is our desire to alleviate their feeling of stigmatization and social exclusion and make it possible to invite them to the theatre regularly with their classmates and peers. In previous seasons, as part of the Discover New Worlds project, we introduced subscriptions for different age groups of children and adolescents: Ciciban, Ciciban Matinee and Ciciban Saturday afternoon subscriptions for the youngest, Teen subscription for teenagers, and secondary school student subscriptions. On average, each beneficiary was able to see five theatre performances. With the funds raised, and in cooperation with the Association of Friends of the Youth of Slovenia, which designed criteria for the selection of beneficiaries of sponsorship subscriptions, we have enabled theatre experience to 420 children and adolescents who would have been unable to afford coming to the theatre without the Discovering New Worlds project.

We hope that these collaborations which always turn out to be extremely pleasant and moving experiences for all involved, will continue on the same scale and as often as possible.