Letter from the managing director


I am taking over the management of the principal Slovenian theatre company at a time that is still teeming with uncertainty, but nevertheless inspires hope for a better future. That is why we have decided to set about the upcoming season with a touch of optimism. Even though the nasty virus may not have irrefutably exited the world stage, our theatre will finally open its doors wide again.

After two years of curtailed possibilities and scarce opportunities for a full-fledged and rewarding interaction between the stage and the audience, we will reintroduce the same subscription system as before. What is more: we have arranged some exciting and attractive novelties for you as part of our established subscription offer.

In the 2022/23 season, we will seek to overcome some of the restrictions that have sneaked in our activities during the last two years. We are pleased to be able to envision productions featuring big casts. Likewise, we have re-established and revived our production relations with international theatre companies.

We wish the audience to feel the same level of relief and joy that we do, since, from one point of view at least, life seems to be returning to normal. Naturally, two years of uncertainty and scarcity of full-bodied live contacts have affected us considerably. We do believe, however, to be ready, together with you, for new challenges, new reflections, new emotions shared by people every time they come together during a theatre show.

We therefore welcome you to join us on our journey and rekindle the unique sense of community created by the live contact between actors and spectators. We invite you to share our rumination on topics we will enquire in our upcoming programme, to come to new insights with us and to explore profound complexities of human action, reflection and emotion of the past and the present time. We welcome you to re-enter into a dialogue with the times we live in and to take a stand on them in the darkness of a theatre auditorium during every performance.

We hope you will embark on this journey of shared exploration with eager anticipation and faith in the unparalleled magic and commitment of a theatrical experience.

As the world-famous director Peter Sellars put it in his message to mark this year’s International World Theatre Day, »theatre is the artform of experience.«

We invite you to share it with us!

Vesna Jurca Tadel