SLOGI and Drama

In the 2023/24 season, the SNT Drama Ljubljana will enhance its programme with a new cooperation. The Slovenian Theatre Institute – Theatre Museum will add a historical, artistic, and social context to our current productions before they open, addressing them from the perspective of cultural heritage and theatre studies, in dialogue with theatre makers and creative teams. You can expect an exclusive insight into the rich collections of the Theatre Museum and interesting presentations and discussions that will encourage you to reflect on the themes and issues of the selected productions and the specificities of artistic interpretations in the upcoming season, before you see the productions.

Productions of Smole’s Antigone in the course of time
14 September at 18.00 at Drama Café1-2909_Antigona_Oder57_1960_SLOGI 23

Dominik Smole, Antigone, directed by Franci Križaj, Oder 57, premiere 8 April 1960, Križanke, Knights’ Hall. In the photo: Iva Zupančič as Ismene, Danilo Benedičič as Page, Branko Miklavc as Tiresias and Brane Ivanc as Haemon. Photo: unidentified photographer; source: Iconoteque SLOGI – Theatre Museum