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Drama Mediateka is a multimedia window providing insight into the working processes and varied programme of events of the SNT Drama Ljubljana. See the trailers for performances, statements of actors and actresses, behind the scenes footage, concerts, lectures, workshops, etc.

Drama is a specific literary genre intended for reading and staging. There were periods in history in which plays were massively created to be read, while in others the texts were disseminated straight from the stage and were written down later. Many of the plays have never been presented on stage, or maybe only once. The reasons may be attributed to their specific aspects or complex historical circumstances. Some plays were staged successfully, but nonetheless sank into oblivion and are available only in published editions or manuscripts. Every single play ever written has its own unique staging history. There are many Slovenian plays that deserve to be presented again to a wider audience or revived. That is why we have launched a project of audio books recorded by the outstanding cast of the SNT Drama Ljubljana ensemble. Our aim is to present Slovenian playwriting in its vivid immediacy, diversity, and excellence.

Eva Kraševec, Head of the Audio Plays Platform

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