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Maša Derganc

A member of the SNT Drama Ljubljana ensemble since 1999.



Maša Derganc completed a ballet lower school and grammar school, and then graduated in stage acting in the class of Professors Janez Hočevar and Dušan Jovanović. A member of the SNT Drama resident ensemble since 1999, she is considered a superb interpreter of the classical drama repertoire with a remarkable sense for the entire scope of representation, from realism to grotesque. A leading lady of the ensemble, she also appears in film, radio and television projects, and dubs cartoons. She is interested in various theatre approaches and poetics, particularly in exploring what she can express as an actress. She is committed to social and environmental issues, as well as the position and value of an individual and their challenging situation within our polarised society. She is keenly interested in art that searches for meaning, art that allows us to dream in a way that makes dreams turn into reality. Derganc feels utterly rewarded when she reaches out to people from the stage with her thoughts and roles.



The Voice of the Cartoon Screen Actors Guild of Slovenia


Borštnik Award for Acting 56th Maribor Theatre Festival: Alice James Sontag Alice in Bed

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