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Saša Tabaković

A member of the SNT Drama Ljubljana ensemble since 2005.



Saša Tabaković completed his secondary education at the Conservatory of Music (accordion and singing) and studied stage acting in the class of Professor Mile Korun. Early on, Tabaković drew attention to himself as a student of acting and also during the initial years of his professional career when he received several awards, including the Borštnik Award for Young Actor for the role of Gaveston in Edward II by Christopher Marlow, directed by Diego de Brea. He worked in many Slovenian theatres and joined the resident ensemble of the Drama Ljubljana in 2005. He has won popular and critical acclaim with his in-depth approach to his roles and sophisticated sensitivity for various genres. He has also starred in films. Besides theatre, he is passionately involved in music as a singer of sevdalinka, chansons and Romani songs, as well as contemporary original music based on his own lyrics. He has released an album of urban ethno jazz, Songs from the Other Bank.



ZDUS Award – Slovenian Association of Dramatic Artists’ Award: Biedermann After The Arsonists, a play by Max Frisch The Arsonists, Timekeeper Hamer Everything OK, Franz Gottlieb Glass Štivičić Cabaret Casper, Septimus Warren Smith Woolf, Zajec Mrs Dalloway, Schimmelpfennig The Day I was No Longer Me, Eugeniusz Mrożek Tango, Ivan pl. Križovec Krleža In agony



The Brightest Star of Orion AIPA

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