Tena Štivičić

Cabaret Casper

Original title: Cabaret Kaspar
World premiere


Marjan Nečak

Opening night

26 May 2022
Main Stage


115 minutes

A holiday on an uninhabited island promises a break from the crazy world – for those who can afford it, of course. A motley crew of variously burnt-out individuals, experts, and professionals, including an adventurer and a poet with a writer’s block are joined in hope for a kind of rebirth in untouched nature, a detoxification of body and mind, and to enjoy a taste of freedom that is nowhere to be found anymore. A special attraction of the island is the chance to meet the mysterious »wild man«, one of the local legends of the island.
The idea of a »natural« being of some description, raised in isolation, unspoilt by upbringing and culture, has always stirred human imagination. This character is believed to resolve the key questions of our civilisation about the dispute between biology and culture. Although the mysterious Casper does appear on the island, the holidaymakers learn almost nothing about him. They do, however, reveal a great deal about themselves, their frustrations, anomalies and fears that drive the modern world. Instead of regeneration, the holidaying elite are going through a withdrawal crisis because there is no internet on the island. Relaxation is prevented by their disagreements which keep getting worse, and their meditating is distracted by down-to-earth questions about freedom and ethics.
Using her poignant humour and irony, Tena Štivičić is an astute and critical observer of the world in which we find ourselves, the world which, even on a desert island, cannot abandon its contradictions and entrapment in various interests, beliefs and prejudices. Cabaret elements are effortlessly incorporated into the playscript, insightfully combining psychological and social analysis and poking fun at the niche markets that, along with stress, regulate our lives. The result is a tenaciously cacophonous picture of our turbulent world.
The latest play by the internationally acclaimed and award-winning Croatian playwright Tena Štivičić, Cabaret Casper (2021), will have its world premiere in our theatre. It was commissioned by the SNT Drama Ljubljana and created in close collaboration between Štivičić and the director and composer Marjan Nečak.
Darja Dominkuš


Creative team


Darja Dominkuš

Drama Igralec: Darja Dominkuš | odpri ustvarjalca


Marjan Nečak

Drama Igralec: Marjan Nečak | odpri ustvarjalca


Darja Dominkuš

Drama Igralec: Darja Dominkuš | odpri ustvarjalca


Urša Vidic

Drama Igralec: Urša Vidic | odpri ustvarjalca


Jelena Proković

Drama Igralec: Jelena Proković | odpri ustvarjalca


Marin Lukanović

Drama Igralec: Marin Lukanović | odpri ustvarjalca


Tatjana Stanič

Drama Igralec: Tatjana Stanič | odpri ustvarjalca


Klemen Janežič

Drama Igralec: Klemen Janežič | odpri ustvarjalca


Borut Bučinel

Drama Igralec: Borut Bučinel | odpri ustvarjalca


Žiga Hren

Drama Igralec: Žiga Hren | odpri ustvarjalca


Saša Dragaš

Drama Igralec: Saša Dragaš | odpri ustvarjalca


Barbara CerarDrama Igralec: Barbara Cerar | odpri igralca

Andrea Gabiano, tourist guide

Saša TabakovićDrama Igralec: Saša Tabaković | odpri igralca

Franz Gottlieb Glass, priest

Iva BabićDrama Igralec: Iva Babić | odpri igralca

Mercy Hiscock, from Human rights committee

Pia ZemljičDrama Igralec: Pia Zemljič | odpri igralca

Michelle Janette Sorbonne, psychiatrist

Uroš FürstDrama Igralec: Uroš Fürst | odpri igralca

Michel Julien Sorbonne, her husband, psychologist

Benjamin KrnetićDrama Igralec: Benjamin Krnetić | odpri igralca

Sir Oliver Ritual, archaeologist

Nina ValičDrama Igralec: Nina Valič | odpri igralca

Polona Planinc, paediatrician

Janez ŠkofDrama Igralec: Janez Škof | odpri igralca

Zoran Udav, poet and artist