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Benjamin Krnetić

A member of SNT Drama Ljubljana ensemble since 2019.



Benjamin Krnetić studied stage acting at the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television, University of Ljubljana in the class of Professors Jožica Avbelj and Jernej Lorenci and obtained his MA degree in 2018. During his studies he appeared in various theatre productions and films. His most notable theatre projects in almost all Slovenian theatres involve mainly collaborations with directors Nina Rajić Kranjac and Ivica Buljan. He is an energetic actor with a powerful stage presence and original expression. He has been involved in various international co-productions and in an educational EU project of further training in the field of performing arts, École des Maîtres. He appeared alongside his young colleagues from other EU countries in The Capital by Picketty, directed by Ivica Buljan. He made his debut at the SNT Drama Ljubljana in 2012 in The Glembays by Krleža, in 2015 he appeared in Yugoslavia, My Country by Vojnović and in 2018 in Emilia Galotti by Lessing. He has created outstanding dramatic roles in films – his leading role in Chefurs Raus by Vojnović being the most noteworthy. He is also actively involved in independent theatre companies (the Mini Theatre, the Glej Theatre) and often features in literary events and in the Slovenian national radio programmes.



Best Actor Award 54th Week of Slovenian drama, Kranj: Ferdi, Old Roman’s son from his second marriage The Mrakiad


Best Actor Award 52nd Week of Slovenian drama, Kranj: Rajić Kranjac, Keser, Krnetić, Lorenci, Mandić Solo

Grand Prix for best production
on the 65th Bitef: Rajić Kranjac, Keser, Krnetić, Lorenci, Mandić Solo

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