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Janez Škof

A member of the SNT Drama Ljubljana ensemble since 2003.



Janez Škof graduated in stage acting in the class of Professors Mile Korun and Matjaž Zupančič. He started his professional acting career by performing in almost all Slovenian theatres and many independent theatre companies in Ljubljana and won numerous awards for his roles. In 1991 he became a member of the Mladinsko Theatre ensemble and excelled in the subsequent twelve years as an outstanding actor in productions of contemporary, also non-text-based theatre. In 2003 he joined the SNT Drama Ljubljana resident ensemble. He has created many title and other lead roles and worked with a wide range of directors and refined his acting skills and character features to perfection. He is a leading man of the ensemble. He has appeared in many films and achieved wider media recognition with his roles in television shows and series. As a self-taught diatonic accordionist, he accompanies himself when performing Slovenian poetry. He started as an excellent performer of Dane Zajc’s poetry, and often appeared with the poet himself. Notably, in 2000 they released a CD of Zajc’s poetry, Fire in the Mouth. Subsequently he founded a music group Čompe, specializing in performing Slovenian poetry in an astonishingly unique way. Škof is a recipient of many acting awards, including several Borštnik Awards, the Prešeren Fund Award and the Borštnik Ring Award for Lifetime Achievement in Acting.



Borštnik Award 58th Maribor Theatre Festival: Robin Kirkwood The Children (DLj), Francis Lorenci, Starina Francis (Ptuj City Theatre)

Golden Fibula Award for best acting performance 5th Viminacium Fest, Požarevac: Francis Lorenci, Starina, Francis(Ptuj City Theatre)


Borštnik Ring Award 53rd Maribor Theatre Festival

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