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Bojan Emeršič

A member of the SNT Drama Ljubljana ensemble since 1992.

Bojan Emeršič Drama Skopuh


Bojan Emeršič completed a secondary school of civil engineering and enrolled in what is now Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Maribor where he obtained an associate degree in economics in 1984. In the academic year 1990/91 he graduated in stage acting in the class of Professors Kristijan Muck and Dušan Mlakar. As a student, he performed at the Ljubljana City Theatre and the Drama SNT Maribor. Since he joined the SNT Drama Ljubljana resident ensemble in 1992, he has appeared in a series of memorable roles, including those in film and television. A leading man of the ensemble, he is a recipient of many awards, including two Borštnik Awards and two Gracious Comedian Awards. In addition to his characteristic roles on stage and screen, he is widely popular as a convivial and genuinely funny host of entertainment programmes. He weaves his relaxed interpretation, wit and sense of humour into practically each role, thus blurring the divisions between individual genres. He is a deeply perceptive actor of contemporary repertoire who presents characters of today’s reality. His interpretations are invariably marked by his versatile acting range and interpretative bravura.



The Žaromet (Spotlight) award for the best entertaining TV show of 2016 Media24: Anything is Possible (TV Slovenija)


Gong of Popularity Award for actors Vikend Magazine

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