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Nataša Barbara Gračner

A member of the SNT Drama Ljubljana ensemble since 1998.

Natasa Barbara Gracner Nebesje Drama


Nataša Barbara Gračner graduated in stage acting in the class of Professors Kristijan Muck and Dušan Mlakar. Following her graduation, she first appeared at the Mladinsko Theatre Ljubljana and immediately commanded attention with her outstanding stage presence and powerful expression. A member of the SNT Drama Ljubljana resident ensemble since 1998, she has appeared in more than two hundred stage, film, television and radio roles, all of them without exception displaying her in-depth analyses of characters of diverse origin and background. She is an outstanding stage and film actress excelling in superior articulation of expressive means, distinguished by a profound precision of performance with a lucid self-reflexive note, a fine ear for stage speech and a compelling range of enacting emotional states. She has toured many relevant theatre and film festivals in Europe, Northern and Southern America and Asia, and is the recipient of many highest accolades, including the national Prešeren Fund Award, nine Borštnik Awards and various international prizes. According to Mani Gotovac, a leading Croatian theatre critic, she remains the finest Baroness Castelli-Glembay in the history of staging The Glembays by Miroslav Krleža. She is a leading lady of the ensemble, dedicated also to theatre directing. She is Professor of Stage Acting and Head of the Department of Stage Acting at the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television, University of Ljubljana.



Best Actress Award 36th Gavella Evenings, Zagreb: Martha Albee Who’s sfraid of Virginia Woolf? (Mini Theatre, Ptuj City Theatre)


Borštnik Award for Acting 57th Maribor Theatre Festival: Dasha Chumalova Müller Cement (SNTLj), and for role in the play Birds of a Kind Mouawad (Mini Theatre)

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