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Bernard-Marie Koltès

Roberto Zucco

Original title: Roberto Zucco

In coproduction with Cie Philippe Calvario In cooperation with CulturesFrance & Institut français Charles Nodier Ljubljana


Philippe Calvario

Opening night

12 December 2009
Main stage


130 minutes


Creative team


Aleš Berger

Drama Igralec: Aleš Berger | odpri ustvarjalca


Diana Koloini

Drama Igralec: Diana Koloini | odpri ustvarjalca


Aurélie Maestre

Drama Igralec: Aurélie Maestre | odpri ustvarjalca


Aurore Popineau

Drama Igralec: Aurore Popineau | odpri ustvarjalca


Eric Neveux

Drama Igralec: Eric Neveux | odpri ustvarjalca


Bertrand Couderc

Drama Igralec: Bertrand Couderc | odpri ustvarjalca


Barbara Korun

Drama Igralec: Barbara Korun | odpri ustvarjalca


Sebastjan Starič

Drama Igralec: Sebastjan Starič | odpri ustvarjalca


Renata Vidič

Drama Igralec: Renata Vidič | odpri ustvarjalca


Bine Skrt

Drama Igralec: Bine Skrt | odpri ustvarjalca


Claire Schwartz

Drama Igralec: Claire Schwartz | odpri ustvarjalca


Ana Prislan

Drama Igralec: Ana Prislan | odpri ustvarjalca


Marko MandićDrama Igralec: Marko Mandić | odpri igralca

Roberto Zucco

Milena ZupančičDrama Igralec: Milena Zupančič | odpri igralca

Zucco’s Mother / Madam

Veronika DrolcDrama Igralec: Veronika Drolc | odpri igralca

Her sister

Valter DraganDrama Igralec: Valter Dragan | odpri igralca

Her brother

Marko Okorn

Girl’s Father / Melancholic detective / A man in park

Katja Levstik

Girl’s mother / Prostitute / A woman in park

Dare Valič

Old man

Petra GovcDrama Igralec: Petra Govc | odpri igralca

Elegant lady

Edvin Dervišević/Andrej Zalesjak

A child

Gorazd LogarDrama Igralec: Gorazd Logar | odpri igralca

Beater / Pimp

Vanja PlutDrama Igralec: Vanja Plut | odpri igralca

Dancing prostitute / Woman in park

Matija RozmanDrama Igralec: Matija Rozman | odpri igralca

1st prison officer / Detective / 1st police officer

Aljaž Jovanović

2nd prison officer / Police Chief / 2nd police officer

Maja KončarDrama Igralec: Maja Končar | odpri igralca, Sabina KogovšekDrama Igralec: Sabina Kogovšek | odpri igralca, Barbara ŽefranDrama Igralec: Barbara Žefran | odpri igralca

Prostitutes / Women in park

Andrej Zalesjak, Edvin Dervišević, Matevž Müller, Miha Rodman

Pimps / Men in park

French playwright Bernard-Marie Koltes is one of the great European theatre authors of the second half of the 20th century. With a focus on marginality and on the perennial questions of human existence in civilization, his works are distinguished by a compact, almost terse, language that is simultaneously extremely poetic. The act of speaking in his plays always implies an existential totality. The plays are almost classical in their existential, emotional and intellectual sharpness, but they are set in explicitly contemporary time. There is nothing accidental, anecdotal, or even personal about them. Koltes always aimed at creating a theatre of the world: rich, complex plays which only an ambitious theatre company can take on. With the exception of Roberto Zucco, the majority of his plays were first directed by the distinguished French director Patrice Chereau, with whom Koltes had a lasting creative partnership. Today, Koltes’ plays are performed in theatres across Europe. On the twentieth anniversary of his death, Koltes’ work will again be in the spotlight for theatre connoisseurs.This is especially the case in France, where many new productions of his work have been announced. But this is not the main reason for SNG Drama Ljubljana’s decision to produce Roberto Zucco. The real reason lies in the play’s power, in its fascinating poetic fervour, and in the belief that we have found the right director for the play. Roberto Zucco is Koltes’ last play, marked by his impending death. His fascination with the story of the serial killer Roberto Zucco provided the inspiration for the play, which is based on newspaper articles. But Koltes’ version does not bear any resemblance to the numerous depictions of serial killers that are so attractive to the media and are frequently exploited by television and in films. Koltes is not interested in a spectacular or shocking approach, and even less so in moralizing. Rather, he uncompromisingly questions the borders of human power and nothingness.