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Gorazd Logar

A member of the SNT Drama Ljubljana ensemble since 1996.

kar hocete gorazd logar


Gorazd Logar was involved in theatre already at the secondary school of civil engineering when he appeared alongside his future colleague Jernej Šugman in The Bitter Fruits of Justice by Milan Jesih and in Hitchhiking by Dušan Jovanović, directed by Jaša Jamnik. With Simon Kardum he co-authored the project Via Negativa and the Red Pilot project by Dragan Živadinov. After two years of working in the building trade, he enrolled in stage acting at the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television, University of Ljubljana in the class of Professors Dušan Jovanović and Štefka Drolc. He graduated with the stage production of Live Like Pigs by John Arden, directed by Sebastijan Horvat. He appeared as guest in Tivoli Clinic Ltd. at the Ljubljana City Theatre. He has been a member of the SNT Drama Ljubljana resident ensemble since 1996 and has excelled in classical and contemporary drama repertoire productions. He brings his open-minded, sometimes adventurous spirit into his acting creations that often tackle marginalized themes. He is also involved in film acting and television where he hosted Hugo, a children television show. Since 1994 he has regularly collaborated with the Slovenian national radio, particularly in reciting poetry.

Currently in the following productions