Katarina Morano

How a Tree Fell

Original title: Zaznamki
World premiere


Žiga Divjak

Opening night

3 December 2022

Main Stage

Courage makes man beautiful, strength persistent, conviction calm.

Srečko Kosovel

The time we live in seems to be defined primarily by an unprecedented and anxious simultaneity of two statements. “The system we live in, and – as its consequence – our way of life is not good, it is not sustainable; not only does it fail to lead to a bright future, but it’s conducive to a definite collapse of human civilisation and the planet as we know it today.” And:

“I feel as if nothing can be done, nothing can be changed, I feel completely helpless as a person.” These two beliefs create a very specific feeling of angst, worse than anxiety, a sense of concurrent burning and quenching, screaming and whispering, rushing and standing still.

And this very feeling – “I’m sitting on a train heading into the abyss and there’s nothing I can do to stop it” – is the starting point of Footnotes.

In the play we follow scenes from everyday life and situations in which we as individuals should perhaps speak up, take sides, stand up for something, maybe just open up a little, share a little, try to understand, not to judge, to condemn perhaps, to reassure, take some time, calm down a little….  But we don’t, because we feel that nothing can be done, and that we’re too insignificant, too tired, too inexperienced, too unimportant, inadequately educated and informed, too unfit, too inarticulate. For fear of conflict, for fear of exposure, for fear of meddling in other people’s problems, for fear of disappointment, for fear of life itself, we deny ourselves the totality od existence achieved only when one lives according to one’s convictions and one’s heart.

It may be true: “Who am I to interfere?” But then again – who am I, if I don’t? And if I don’t, who will?

Katarina Morano, Žiga Divjak