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Katarina Morano

How a Tree Fell

World premiere


Žiga Divjak

Opening Night

3 December 2022

Main Stage


200 minutes, inc. interval


Creative team


Katarina Morano

Drama Igralec: Katarina Morano | odpri ustvarjalca


Igor Vasiljev

Drama Igralec: Igor Vasiljev | odpri ustvarjalca


Tina Pavlović

Drama Igralec: Tina Pavlović | odpri ustvarjalca


Blaž Gracar

Drama Igralec: Blaž Gracar | odpri ustvarjalca


Marjan Stanić

Drama Igralec: Marjan Stanić | odpri ustvarjalca


Tatjana Stanič

Drama Igralec: Tatjana Stanič | odpri ustvarjalca


Borut Bučinel

Drama Igralec: Borut Bučinel | odpri ustvarjalca


Janez ŠkofDrama Igralec: Janez Škof | odpri igralca

Jani, father

Silva ČušinDrama Igralec: Silva Čušin | odpri igralca

Danica, mother

Tina VrbnjakDrama Igralec: Tina Vrbnjak | odpri igralca

Anita, their eldest daughter

Uroš FürstDrama Igralec: Uroš Fürst | odpri igralca

Boštjan, Anita's partner

Nina IvanišinDrama Igralec: Nina Ivanišin | odpri igralca

Tamara, their middle daughter

Gregor Zorc

Matej, Tamara's partner

Maruša MajerDrama Igralec: Maruša Majer | odpri igralca

Lila, their youngest daughter

Iztok Drabik Jug

Rok, neighbour, Lila's best childhood friend

Timon ŠturbejDrama Igralec: Timon Šturbej | odpri igralca

Jaka, Rok's brother

Courage makes man beautiful, strength persistent, conviction calm.
Srečko Kosovel

The time we live in seems to be characterized mainly by an unprecedented and anxiety-ridden simultaneity of two assertions. »The system we live in, and – consequently – our way of life is no good, it is not sustainable; not only does it fail to lead us to a bright future, but is conducive to a definite collapse of human civilisation and the planet as we know it today.« The other one being: »I feel as if nothing can be done, nothing can be changed, I feel completely helpless as an individual.« These two beliefs generate a very specific feeling of angst, much worse than anxiety, a sense of concurrent burning and quenching, screaming and whispering, rushing and standing still. Each day we find ourselves in situations in which we as individuals should perhaps speak up, take sides, stand up for something, maybe simply open up a bit, share a little, try to understand, not to judge, to condemn perhaps, reassure, take some time, calm down a bit…. But we don’t, because we feel that nothing can be done; we are too insignificant, too tired, too inexperienced, too unimportant, poorly educated and informed, too unfit, too inarticulate. For fear of conflict, for fear of exposure, for fear of meddling in other people’s affairs, for fear of disappointment, for fear of life itself, we deny ourselves the totality of existence achieved only when one lives according to one’s beliefs and heart.

TAMARA: »But that feeling, you know, when you’re on your bike, and you think, bloody hell, these mad car drivers, the way they drive, and then when you’re in the car going somewhere, and you think bloody hell, these mad cyclists, the way they ride the bikes. Yeah, this feeling … lately I got a bit scared of it.«

This feeling is the point of departure of How a Tree Fell.
In the play, we follow scenes from everyday life of a not-so-special family whose members, each in their own way, try to navigate their busy schedules and amassed burdens they have accumulated while trying to make their way in the hours, days, years of drifting towards some kind of ever receding clarity. Caught up in their worries, they face the fact that life is passing them by anyway, whether they deal with it or not. And while they can only look out for themselves, things are happening in the world and are getting increasingly irreversible with each passing day. This point may have been reached already: »Who am I to interfere?« But then again – who am I, if I don’t? And if I don’t, will anyone at all?

Katarina Morano, Žiga Divjak



53rd Week of Slovenian Drama, Kranj

Media, 21. april 2024, Živa Kadunc

Katarina Morano: “I deal with fear a lot in my work”, 26. september 2023, Živa Kadunc

How a Tree Fell

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