David Mamet

Boston Marriage

First Slovenian production


Boris Cavazza

Opening night

27 March 2009
Small Stage



85 minutes

David Mamet (born 1947) is an American author, playwright, screenwriter, film director and essayist. His works are known for their clever, terse, sometimes vulgar dialogue and arcane stylized phrasing, as well as for his exploration of masculinity. He received Tony Award nominations for Glengarry Glen Rose (1984) and Speed-the-Plow (1988). As a screenwriter, he received Oscar nominations for The Verdict (1982) and Wag the Dog (1997).

Boston Marriage has been written in 1999 and originally produced the same year by the American repertory Theatre, Cambridge. The play concerns two women at the turn of the 20th century who are in a “Boston marriage,” a relationship between two females that may involve both physical and emotional intimacy. After widespread belief that Mamet could only write for men, the playwright released this play, which centers exclusively on women.

The two leads, Anna and Claire, argue over Claire’s new found “Love” while Anna’s Scottish maid, Catherine, is brought to tears by her employer’s harsh verbal rebukes. Things get tense as Anna, a mistress to a wealthy gentleman, tries to talk Claire out of her profession of love for another: a young woman. Claire, on the other hand, has already made plans with her young love to meet at Anna’s house in the hopes that she will be able to persuade her new love to engage in a “vile assignation”. Things go awry, however, when the girl arrives and recognizes that an emerald necklace that Anna is wearing belongs to her mother. The plot line focuses on whether Anna and Claire will be able to find a way to hold on to both the girl and her wealthy but unfaithful father. The play is delivered through quick, witty Victorian-era dialogue, mixed with double entendres and vernacular expressions, to explore the relationship between the two women and their maid. Through humor and nuance, the play explores the negotiation, conflict, compromise and reconciliation that arise in their relationship.


Creative team


Tina Mahkota

Drama Igralec: Tina Mahkota | odpri ustvarjalca


Diana Koloini

Drama Igralec: Diana Koloini | odpri ustvarjalca


Damijan Cavazza

Drama Igralec: Damijan Cavazza | odpri ustvarjalca


Polonca Valentinčič

Drama Igralec: Polonca Valentinčič | odpri ustvarjalca


Igor Leonardi

Drama Igralec: Igor Leonardi | odpri ustvarjalca


Tatjana Stanič

Drama Igralec: Tatjana Stanič | odpri ustvarjalca


Milan Podlogar

Drama Igralec: Milan Podlogar | odpri ustvarjalca


Ajda Valcl

Drama Igralec: Ajda Valcl | odpri ustvarjalca


Maša DergancDrama Igralec: Maša Derganc | odpri igralca


Igor Leonardi and Primož Fleischman

A music performers



Silva ČušinSatyr Award for the role of Anna in David Mamet’s The Boston Marriage at the Slovenian Festival of Chamber Theatre Ptuj

Satyr Award for the best chamber production in its entirety at the 6th Slovenian Festival of Chamber Theatre SKUP in Ptuj



6th Slovenian Festival of Chamber Theatre SKUP in Ptuj