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Social and Sociable

On Dissident Arnož and His Followers

Our current production of Dissident Arnož and His Followers is based after the motifs of a play by Drago Jančar, written in 1982, which was inspired by a life story of Andrej Smolnikar, a utopian socialist. Set in the first half of the 19th century, the play addresses socio-critical as well as existentialist themes embodied by the main character, dissident Arnož, driven by ethical and revolutionary zeal. But who is the Arnož of our time? A utopian figure, a democratic socialist perhaps, a failed revolutionary, or a narcissistic paranoiac thinking only within the framework of his self? Who is a dissident figure of contemporary world, struggling for his rights, and what is the idea that would appear written on his flyers? What is the ruling political establishment fighting against, and what happened to socio-political subversion of those individuals who could be potential successors of Arnož and his mission?

Meet Diego de Brea, director of the production, and Igor Samobor, managing and artistic director of Drama, in conversation with Mojca Kranjc, dramaturg of the production. They will be joined by cast members, sharing their impressions of the creative process.

Join the post-show talk about the production after the motifs of Dissident Arnož and His Followers by Drago Jančar, on Tuesday, 8 November, after the performance on the Main Stage (at 21.45). Admission free.