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Matjaž Lunaček, Beatus ille qui …

Matjaz Lunaček’s literary debut Beatus ille qui … is a collection of short stories and literary sketches which are diverse and yet linked by their subject matter. Their protagonists are unusual people. Also, animals are given a voice. Plots span from recording of reality to pure imagination and focus on key, ground-breaking moments in life that unexpectedly elevate everyday mundanity to the level of timelessness. In his innovative way Lunaček deals with interpersonal relationships as well as with eternal questions of death, love and individual freedom.

Matjaž Lunaček, medical doctor and psychiatrist, has devoted his professional career to psychotherapy. One of his main areas is the application of psychoanalysis to literature and pedagogy. He has published many academic papers in the field of psychoanalysis. In 2011, / * cf. published his A Plea for a Different Fate: Psychoanalytic Proposition on Baptism at Savica. In 2014, his collection of essays Gymnasts over a Precipice was published by Cankarjeva založba. Beatus ille qui … is Lunaček’s fiction debut.

Meet Matjaž Lunaček in conversation with presenter and translator Breda Biščak. Excerpts from Beatus ille qui …will be delivered by actor Saša Tabaković, member of the SNT Drama Ljubljana ensemble.

Join us on Tuesday, 8 December at 17.00 in the Drama Café. Tickets (2€) for the event, organized by Beletrina and SNT Drama Ljubljana, are available at the box office. No admission fee for Drama Club members.