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Via Negativa

Last Rehearsal for the Generation

»When art becomes political, it is forced to make the unpleasant discovery that politics has already become art.«
Boris Groys: Self-Design and Aesthetic Responsibility, e-flux journal #7 – June-August 2009

Original title: Generalka za generacijo


Bojan Jablanovec

Opening night

17th January 2014
Small Stage


80 minutes


Creative team


Via Negativa

Drama Igralec: Via Negativa | odpri ustvarjalca


Bojan Jablanovec, Katarina Stegnar, Marko Mandić, Grega Zorc

Drama Igralec: Bojan Jablanovec, Katarina Stegnar, Marko Mandić, Grega Zorc | odpri ustvarjalca


Bojan Jablanovec

Drama Igralec: Bojan Jablanovec | odpri ustvarjalca


Tomaž Grom

Drama Igralec: Tomaž Grom | odpri ustvarjalca


Mateja Benedetti

Drama Igralec: Mateja Benedetti | odpri ustvarjalca


Vlado Glavan

Drama Igralec: Vlado Glavan | odpri ustvarjalca


Veronika DrolcDrama Igralec: Veronika Drolc | odpri igralca

Katarina Stegnar

Matija RozmanDrama Igralec: Matija Rozman | odpri igralca

Grega Zorc

Boris MihaljDrama Igralec: Boris Mihalj | odpri igralca

Marko Mandić

Via Negativa
Via Negativa is a Ljubljana-based international contemporary performing arts project. Bojan Jablanovec has served as its art director since 2002. The Via Negativa project originated from the need to rethink the sense and significance of, and reasons for, the existence of theater today, and from the belief that the result of artistic creativity is essentially determined by the mode (procedure, method) of its production. Via Negativa’s underlying creative field is the performative “me – here and now”: my story, my body, my situation, my point of view… The creative field is clearly outlined: reduction to the basic performative elements (via negative); theater as a medium of communication and not aestheticizing; emphasis on the relationship between the performer and the viewer and on the question of the real within this relationship. Via Negativa is an open project without a fixed number of members, inviting instead the participation of anyone interested in working in the field of contemporary performing arts. Over the past ten years (2002 – 2012) Via Negativa realized 48 projects with over 80 performers from Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Belgium, Spain, Ireland, Poland, and Denmark. More than half the projects were co-productions or produced in association with various theaters, venues or festivals. Over 200 performances were presented at festivals or on tour in 21 European countries and in the US.

Last Rehearsal for the Generation
From the very beginning, when we were invited by Slovene National Theatre Drama Ljubljana to produce a joint project, we made two important conceptual decision. Firstly, the performance will not be fusion, symbiosis or fertilization of two different creative principles, but their radical confrontation. Secondly, the performance will not be an attack of “an excessive non-institutionalized insanity” on “aesthetic harmony of the institution”, but a clash with our common enemy, and that is: Culture. Culture is a concept that Slovenian politics nourish and wrap in ideological diapers from generation to generation – today it is rotten concept of mediocrity , consumerism, “cultural industries”, “free market”, social justice, enlightened intellectualism, national pride, moralistic protection of public interest etc. We are all hostages of this concept that grows out of some kind of national cultural policy and its phantom “cultural market”, which no one can identify with – except the Ministry of Culture. Last rehearsal for the generation is a clash with the culture in which we do not belong, a confrontation with the future that we do not want, and a confrontation with the generation – our generation – which should not tolerate this any longer.