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Saša Pavček

A member of the SNT Drama Ljubljana ensemble since 1985.

Sasa Pavcek Nebesje Drama


Saša Pavček graduated in stage acting at the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television, University of Ljubljana. In 1986 and 1987 she pursued further actor training in Paris, featured in bilingual recitals of Slovenian poetry and performed at the Théâtre Arcane. She is a member of the SNT Drama Ljubljana resident ensemble and a leading lady. She is a stage and screen actress, poet, essayist, playwright, and Professor at the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television. From 2017 to 2019 she chaired the Slovenian Association of Dramatic Artists and initiated the Jernej Šugman Fund. She has appeared in more than 200 roles in theatre, film, television and radio productions and is a lead actress of classical and contemporary drama repertoires. She is a recipient of many awards and prizes for her acting and literary work, including the Prešeren Fund Award, the Borštnik Award, the national Vesna Award and the Borštnik Ring Award for Lifetime Achievement in Acting. She is an amazingly versatile actress, who has appeared in roles ranging from the lyrical dimensions that inspire her poetry to the epic dimensions that characterise her essays. She excels in both, serious and comic genres. Her multi-faceted acting personality is reflected in everything she undertakes, from her often-staged plays and reflections on theatre that she has published in her books At Night, On Stage to poetry collections Dress Me in a Kiss, Time at a Standstill, as well as books for young readers Why is a Field a Lake?, Rumi and the Captain and A Mouse with Pink Glasses. Most of her work is translated into foreign languages and has been published in Buenos Aires and Banja Luka. Her plays (The Pure Well of Love, Izzy’It One or Two, Aria, Beneath the Snow, On the Waves) have been staged in Slovenia and some of them also internationally (London, Hercegnovi, Prijedor, Belgrade, Trieste).



Župančič Award City of Ljubljana: Claude Olmi The Scorpion, Bužarovska My Husband, Dolores, a statue of the Mother of God Ivanc #girlsandmoregirls (DLj) and for her poetry collection Paused Time (Mladinska knjiga Publishing House, 2021)


Nomination for the Mira Literary Prize The Slovenian Pen Women Committee

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