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Gregor Baković

A member of the SNT Drama Ljubljana ensemble since 1993.

Kar hočete Gregor Baković


Gregor Baković studied stage acting in the class of Janez Hočevar. He has been a member of the SNT Drama Ljubljana resident ensemble since 1993 and has created a wide range of prominent roles from the world drama and Slovenian classics. He is widely recognized for both, his drama and comedy appearances, but particularly for the roles where the two meet. Famed for his precision and in-depth method of forming characters, as well as his relaxed interpretation, he has created more than seventy theatre roles. A leading man of the ensemble, Baković is a recipient of numerous awards, including the Prešeren Fund Award, the Borštnik Award and several film awards. In addition to stage roles, he also appears in film, television and dubbing animation projects. He has created a series of touching and complex film characters rooted in contemporary Slovenian reality, of which Ivan Podobnik in Šterk’s Express, Express, Pero in Cvitkovič’s Gravehopping and Johan in Maksimović’s Thanks for Sunderland deserve a particular mention. Baković feels grateful for all the awards he has received, and even more so for a lifestyle that the acting profession has allowed him to have.



Vesna Award for best actor 15th Festival of Slovenian Film, Portorož: Johan Maksimović Sunderland (TV Slovenia)

Borštnik Award 47th Maribor Theatre Festival: Mark Rothko Logan Red


Satyr Award (with Silva Čušin) 5th SKUP Festival – Slovenian Festival of Chamber Theatre, Ptuj: Andrey Prozorov Friel Afterplay

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