After Prometheus Bound by Aeschylus

Prometheus ʼ22

Original title: Προμηθεύς Δεσμώτης
Hommage à Beckett


Gábor Tompa


15 October 2022

Main Stage


95 minutes

Our adaptation of Aeschylus’ Prometheus Bound aims to be a meditation on the condition of the intellectuals in the 21st century. In a digitalized and strongly manipulated world of news networks and social media, truth has become extremely relative, so that even fact-checks can end up being considered as fake news. In our extremely ideologized and divided world, in which dialogue has become almost impossible and debates are reduced to extreme reactions, hate speech is now a daily routine, often fuelled by governments that support extreme political ideas. In such conditions the role of intellectuals – scientists, doctors, artists – has become more difficult but also more responsible, if they are to watch the world with an objective eye and share their knowledge to the people, even with the risk of being persecuted in the same way as happened to Prometheus in the mythological time.

Prometheus stole knowledge for the people, but they have forgotten to use it. True knowledge has become as undervalued as true voices. Today, in the Tower of Babel, there are only echoes instead of different languages.

The production will aim to shed a more ironic and lucid light on the myth that experiences revivals in the world of today.

Gábor Tompa


Creative team


Gábor Tompa, Ágnes Kali

Drama Igralec: Gábor Tompa, Ágnes Kali | odpri ustvarjalca


Kajetan Gantar

Drama Igralec: Kajetan Gantar | odpri ustvarjalca