Maja Končar, Zvone Hribar, Luka Marcen

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, I Shall Eat You Up

A puzzling fairy tale
World premiere


Luka Marcen

Opening night

10 December 2021

Small Stage

What happens when Grandma and Grandpa, two veteran fairy tale readers, wake up one morning and realise they are no longer in their flat? No kitchen to make tea, no morning newspaper, no radio, no phone to call someone. And above all, no old bookshelf with their old fairy-tale books. Any minute now, the grandchildren will come to hear fairy tales. What happens if Grandma and Grandpa, the real experts on fairy tales, find that they have mixed up all the stories and fairy tales bereft of their books? They have mixed up fairy tale numbers and the right colours, as well as fairy tale characters and fairy tale lands. Did Snow White have three kids or seven pigs? Did Little Red Riding Hood bite into a red apple or a green apple? Which fairy tale are they to tell their grandchildren? What happens if Grandma and Grandpa, the epitome of storytellers, find out they reside in a fairy tale themselves? In the Little Bear’s family house, in the middle of the enchanted forests inhabited by wolves and wicked witches, and in paradise gardens with blooming roses and birds of paradise. And the only way to get back to their living room for tea and fairy tale books in time is to let their vivid imagination run wild, to remember their fairy tale and tell it the way they want to tell it.
What evolves is an exciting and energetic journey through a maze of fairy tale puzzles and questions, tasks and tests. And in this maze, even the best storytellers cannot make it alone.
Who can possibly help them?
Luka Marcen


Creative team


Eva Kraševec

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Urša Vidic

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Ana Janc

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Martin Vogrin

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Tatjana Stanič

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Mojca Sarjaš

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