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Drama Acoustics

Mascara Quartet

Polona Udovič Furlan (vocal, violin), Timi Krajnc (guitar), Vojko Vešligaj (guitar), Mitja Rezman (bass guitar) are classically trained musicians and acknowledged artists in Slovenia as well as abroad. Mascara is a reflection of experience and deep understanding of music. The artistic path of the musicians and their dedicated work are intertwined with numerous individuals, chamber ensembles, orchestras, concert halls and festivals around the world.

Their music is a passionate, direct and concise flow of desire caught in the streets of Montevideo, Buenos Aires, Lisbon … in the brothels and milongas … between joy and pain … among merchants, sailors and African immigrants … This is the music played at night, beginning with the nightfall and ending with the daybreak.

The musicians are connected with historical crossroads, a meeting point of those who are and those who appear to be no more. There, on the corner, is the Mascara Café, in the vicinity of which you hear Mariza, Dulce Pontes, Ástor Piazzolla, Ámalia Rodrigues and many others … those who have escaped the gravity of dancing floor boards and protected their hearts from the glamour of clichés.