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Nebojša Pop Tasić

Madame Bovary

A satirical melodrama after the motifs from Gustave Flaubert’s novel

Opening night

15 April 2015


105 minutes

SNT Nova Gorica

Director Yulia Roschina
Dramaturg Nebojša Pop Tasić
Language Consultant Srečko Fišer
Set and Costume Designer Vasilija Fišer
Composer Branko Rožman
Choreographer Matjaž Farič
Lighting Designer Samo Oblokar
Make-Up Designer Ana Lazovski
Sound Designer Vladimir Hmeljak
Assistant to Dramaturg Staša Bračič
Assistant to Composer Jana Beltran

Arna Hadžialjević
Gorazd Jakomini
Vito Weis
Blaž Valič
Sandi Pavlin
Vladimir Hmeljak

Madame Bovary remains the same Madame Bovary as she was during her inception: she is still Emma who tragically ends her destined role of a country wife, mother, and lover, due to her unfulfilled yearning. This is an honestly and compassionately told story about pettiness, desperate longing, foolishness, narrow-mindedness, cruelty, and a comical tragedy. People live in an eternal present. However, Flaubert did not write books to change the world. He wrote because he wanted to be – honest. He found human helplessness and limitations sad and funny at the same time. His insight and sensitivity are a mixture of satire and empathy, that is, a satirical empathy towards human beings.

Nebojša Pop Tasić’s adaptation of Flaubert’s novel is a compact and theatrically fascinating rendition of an epic work questioning the world we live in, a world which has maimed not only the soul of Emma, but almost every human soul, and has put barriers between an individual and the key questions of one’s existence. By doing so it has pushed us into the state of spiritual impotence.

At the 51st Maribor Theatre Festival in 2015 director Yulia Roschina won the award for best director, while Vito Weiss received the young actor prize. Arna Hadžialjević was honoured with the Stane Sever Fund Award for achievement in Slovene professional theatre for her role of Emma.