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Stage reading of the Young Drama writing competition entries

Eleven young playwrights took part in the current edition of Young Drama and Teen Club writing competition. Six of them were invited to join playwriting workshops supervised by dramaturg Simona Hamer, language consultant Tatjana Stanič, theatre pedagogue Špela Šinigoj and actress Barbara Žefran.

The entries on the topic of »Love« touched upon diverse reflections by the authors, highlighting authenticity and curiosity rather than clichéd situations and conventional forms of romantic love. Teenage authors explored the topic of love in the context of crushes, infatuations and friendships, and, laudably, also in regard to same-sex love, love between siblings and parents, and the impact of social networks and popular culture on love.

The authors of selected scripts, Doroteja Drevenšek, Tia Iljaš, Rozalija Lia Muršec, Ema Šiška, Maja Šoba and Dominika Tekavc engaged in an in-depth exploration of playwriting rules and the use of language in the theatre during the workshops. As a follow-up to a thorough revision of drafts, the director Luka Marcen stepped in and devised an intriguing collage of scenes exploring love in many different ways to bring us closer to the authors’ views on the complexity of young people’s relationships in today’s world.