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Literary evening talk on Anna Karenina

As a follow-up to the opening of Anna Karenina on our Main Stage on 6 January, join us to hear director Dušan Jovanović with several other production authors in conversation with Darja Dominkuš, in-house dramaturg. They will be joined by Professor Miha Javornik (Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana). The talk will be co-organized by Filoslav, the Slavistics Studies Student Club of the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana. The novel Anna Karenina is on the current secondary-school leaving exam (matura) required reading list, so the talk will address its position in the entire Tolstoy’s oeuvre, the psychology of the main protagonist and the process of staging it.

Miha Javornik graduated in Slovene and Russian at the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, and earned his PhD with a dissertation entitled Mythologization in Russian Prose of the 20th century. He has taught Modern Russian Literature at the Department of Slavistics since 1994.

Dušan Jovanović is a director, playwright, and essayist. He studied English and French at the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana and graduated in the early 1960s. Subsequently he studied theatre directing at the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television. He was one of the founders of Pupilija Ferkever’s Theatre as well as of the Experimental Theatre Glej and the Artistic Director of Slovene Youth Theatre. In 1989 he joined the faculty of Academy of Theatre, Film, Radio and Television where he taught theatre directing.

The talk will take place on 8 January at 20.30 on the SNT Main Stage. Tickets are available at the box office (2€). Admission to the talk is included in the ticket for Anna Karenina performance on 8 January. Free entrance for Drama Club Members.