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Social and Sociable:

Discussion at the publication of a novel Kakorkoli by an award-winning author Polona Glavan

In Polona Glavan’s second novel Kakorkoli (Anyway/Anyhow) we follow two parallel narrative voices: of a seventeen-year-old Lili and of a student Alja. The concept of what at first seems like a youth novel soon becomes WIDER, as both of the main protagonists discover that the world surrounding them is much more complex than their personal problems. The story deals with themes of intolerance, racism, poverty and protests. The latter are/is crucial for the girls, as their paths cross for a brief, but crucial moment, when they find themselves at the same protest rally, however on the opposite sides.

Poet and literary critic Tina Kozin will talk to the author about the novel’s current topics. Excerpts from the novel will be interpreted by Nataša Barbara Gračner, a member of the Drama ensemble.

Join us on Tuesday, 9 December, at 17:00 in the Drama Café. Tickets (2€) for the event organized by SNT Drama Ljubljana and Beletrina are available at the Drama box office.