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Literary Journeys with Beletrina


»Surely you haven’t forced us to come to Dublin, so that you’d turn into a metaphor?«

Join us for the June edition of a literary journey with Beletrina and celebrate Bloomsday. The event will be attended by your and our favourite authors and heroes: Enrique Vila-Matas, Samuel Riba, James Joyce, Leopold Bloom, Samuel Beckett, Mercier and Camier … If there is enough of us, Godot might make an appearance too!

In early June, Dublinesca, a new novel by Enrique Vila-Matas, considered a Spanish classic and one of the greatest contemporary authors, will be published by Beletrina Academic Press. Dublinesca is set on 16 June which is no ordinary day, but Bloomsday, a day in the life of Leopold Bloom, immortalized by James Joyce. This was the day Joyce went on his first date with his future wife Nora Barnacle. Bloomsday is celebrated by the Irish, making it globally one of the few days acknowledging a literary hero. Where is the boundary between fiction and reality? This is a question roughly raised by the protagonist of Dublinesca, Samuel Riba, a publisher, who has followed his captivating dream and travelled to Dublin, where he is determined to bury his collapsing line of business. As he does so, he is being watched by Beckett, and pursued by the authors, whom he lived with and left behind.

Passages from the novel will be presented by Gregor Baković, a resident member of the of SNT Drama Ljubljana ensemble.

Join us on Friday, 16 June, at 17.00 at the Drama café. Tickets (2€) for the event are available at the Drama Box Office. No admission fee for members of Drama Club, Teen Club and Hamlet Club. Book early to avoid disappointment.