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Banana Peel Studies

Original title: Študije bananinega olupka
Drama Laboratory
Original project by Nik Škrlec

Virtual platform

all-season long

Banana Peel Studies are an enquiry into the art of comedy by way of etudes, interviews and events.

I am interested in the art of comedy. I think it is either too mystified, or else the comical knowledge has been underestimated. Admittedly, there is a national comedy festival in Slovenia, but there is virtually no comical reflection to speak of. I wish for a playful study space, enabling unrestrained testing of various options, while creating a community of people with similar interests and building a potential audience. Everything that is required to develop a stage skill and a deeper understanding of comedy and mastering of the comical.
An enquiry of basic comical mechanisms through analysis of silent movies (and other sources of comedy) and attempts of reproduction in search of a comedy skill and shelling of various building elements. Interviews with artists. Analyses of books and theories. A series of sketches not directed towards a final product, but towards skill refinement and comedy knowledge development.
By creating a virtual platform, I would like to communicate the project continually via online sources. Rather than creating a final production, I would prefer to create regular lab reports, so as to build a community with similar interests, as well as a potential audience. Every sketch is a small project in its own right. In addition, the occasional events (two or three of them) are used for live communication with the audience and professional community, while simultaneously presenting a sort of a work report and opportunity for a debate.
As of now.

Nik Škrlec