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Drama Acoustics

Academic Choir Tone Tomšič, Iron

The Academic Choir Tone Tomšič of the University of Ljubljana (APZ) presents Iron which includes a selection of its repertoire that every member of the choir can sing any time, be it at 2 pm or 2 am. These compositions form the heart of the choir and embody the singers’ joy of singing. They are as superb and beautiful as many others, and yet, in its familiarity, the singers often forget they should be heard by the audience as well. At the concert, the APZ Tone Tomšič will perform them, thus presenting a historical overview of its activity.

The Academic Choir Tone Tomšič of the University of Ljubljana is mostly made up of students from the faculties of the University of Ljubljana who share a passion for singing and strive for top artistic excellence. The choir continues the tradition of the Academic Choir of Ljubljana, established in 1926 by France Marolt as a male choir. After the cultural black-out during the Second World War, it resumed its operations in 1946 as a mixed choir under the name the Academic Choir Tone Tomšič. The list of its conductors consists of many acclaimed names of Slovenian music: France Marolt, Radovan Gobec, Janez Bole, Lojze Lebič, Marko Munih, Igor Lavrič, Jože Fürst, Jernej Habjanič, Stojan Kuret, Urša Lah and Sebastjan Vrhovnik. Since October 2015 it has been led by Jerica Bukovec.