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Rok Vihar

A member of the SNT Drama Ljubljana ensemble since 2007.



Rok Vihar graduated in stage acting at the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television, University of Ljubljana. As a secondary school student, he was involved in the setting up of a drama society at the First Grammar School in Maribor. During his studies he appeared in Goldoni’s The Mistress of the Inn, directed by Samo M. Strelec, which prompted the re-establishment of a professional theatre in Ptuj. After his graduation, he was for several years freelance actor and appeared in the Celje City Theatre, the City Theatre Ptuj, the SNT Nova Gorica and in many independent projects. After he joined the Prešeren Theatre Kranj in 1998, he was involved in productions of various directing poetics and appeared successfully in versatile roles of classical and contemporary drama repertoires. He featured in a legendary, popularly and critically acclaimed production of Linhart’s Micka, the Mayor’s Daughter which has been rerun for twenty seasons, and in Pinter’s Birthday Party. Both productions were directed by Vito Taufer, the latter winning the Best Production Award at the national Borštnik Theatre Festival in Maribor. He often worked with directors Janusz Kica and Jaka Ivanc and appeared as guest in the role of Klement in Klement’s Fall by Drago Jančar. Since 2007, he has been a member of the SNT Drama Ljubljana resident ensemble. He often collaborates with the Glej Theatre, the Mini Theatre and the Prešeren Theatre Kranj. His noteworthy television and film roles include the lead role of Luka in Rustling Landscapes directed by Janez Lapajne, the title role of Cankar in Amir Muratović’s film Cankar, and the roles in Outsider and All Against All by Andrej Košak.



Homme Fatal of 2022 Obrazi Magazine/Avenija


The Cartoon Voice Award for a two-year period presented by the Screen Actors Guild of Slovenia, Ljubljana: Wufflebump School of Roars (RTV Slovenija)

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