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New Year’s greeting card SNG Drama Ljubljana: Happy 2022!

May the New Year 2022 be a time of light, mutual understanding and artistic excellence.
Let us hear each other!
Yours, Drama
When I first saw her,
when I first recall her,
when she revealed herself with meadows,
with bright fields,
with yells,
with the crowing of the rooster,
when her great body was undressed by the fog,
making the belltowers, stirred by the ringing, rise,
when she is sown with the barking of dogs, the calls of drivers, the neighing of horses.
I said, I’ll ride my horse,
I said, I’ll be stuck to the horse’s thin hide,
I said, I’ll ride your white roads,
I’ll ride under your wide windows,
I said, I will ride you triumphant.
(Extract from the audio play Voranc by Dane Zajc, SNT Drama Ljubljana Audio Plays, Season 2021/22)