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My Husband is a production that narrates, breathes, screams and whispers through the intimate yet brutally realistic narratives of nine actresses. »I have been dreaming for a long time about a production featuring a great number of strong women, i.e. actresses I have known for a long time, not only from their stage roles, but also personally,« said Ivana Djilas. The themes that Bužarovska tackles in her works and the human qualities she draws attention to are universal ­ – insincerity, lack of communication, envy, jealousy, patriarchy. In her collection of short stories My Husband she does not talk about men or husbands, but uses her characteristic and personal style to present skilful profiles of contemporary women, who are all trapped in the shackles of various everyday relationships of the overwhelmingly patriarchal world. However, she does not reduce her literary protagonists to be the victims of men and society, but presents them as active participants in these relationships. Their thoughts, decisions and (in)actions give legitimacy to the existence of familial and social patterns that oppress them. She has created a space where women are visible and heard, not requiring them to act as protagonists of the lowest social stratum or as any other kind of female warriors; they can be everything just like men can be: ugly, stupid, corrupt, passive, unprincipled, fake, hurt, evil, prejudiced, patriarchal, engaged, smart, brave, inferior, grotesque, possessive. Reruns are scheduled from 12 to 24 October.