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Maša Derganc, a member of the SNT Drama Ljubljana resident ensemble won the Borštnik Award at the 56th Maribor Theatre Festival for acting for the role of Alice James in the production of Alice in Bed by Susan Sontag and directed by Dorian Šilc Petek.

According to the 56th Maribor Theatre Festival jury, »the role of Alice James is defined by an unnamed illness that fundamentally marks the life of an intellectually astute and sensitive woman from a prominent American family in the nineteenth century. Maša Derganc masterfully weaves her into the ambiguity between acting and reality, and it is in the indefinable fold between the two that she forges the identity of a woman whose superior intellect prevents her from finding her rightful place in society. From her illness she draws the source of Alice’s lack of strength and also her manipulative potential that she subtly uses to make sense of her arrested life.«