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Drama Acoustics


After more than twenty years of rocking away, Zmelkoow has finally matured into an arts-and-culture group, so the doors of the temples of culture have now begun to open to it. At the SNT Drama Ljubljana Zmelkoow will present its golden repertoire with a full cast which includes a child prodigy, maestro Zergoloff. In the spirit of the fight against global warming, and out of consideration for a local transformer station, which, however does its job on Sunday nights with no nagging too, the concert will be performed unplugged. Who needs electric power! People used to live without it for millions of years! And it is definitely more ear-friendly.

It is only by accident that Zmelkoow realized that the first generations of its fans, despite the fact that there are true rock hearts beating in their chests, have slowly reached the stage when they no longer feel like being crammed in crowded stuffy clubs. Emphatic and kind-hearted as ever, Zmelkoow therefore decided to present its current personality and a line-up of its best pieces without any excessive noise and sticky, spilt-beer-drenched soles. The audience will indulge in an unplugged concert given by a five-member band within a safe and cosy environment, so that they can bring along their kids and grannies.