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Literary Journeys with Beletrina

Walter Benjamin’s immortality

»Standing on the threshold of the final age« World Literatures Festival – Fabula

It is in recent years that Walter Benjamin has gained popularity as one of the most important thinkers of the 20th century. Presumably, he dealt with fundamental problems of contemporary world, ranging from pop culture to fascism However, he was fully aware that »historical life always passes away at a certain place; but is immortal in its totality«. This is why his essays, no matter how fragmentary they may appear (fragments are an immortal form in itself, a form with no ending), allow us to seek answers to contemporary questions: how to guard oneself against populist politics, and how to comprehend the reckless and ignorant populace.

Hear dr. Lev Kreft and dr. Tadej Troha in discussion with Polona Balantič. Passages from selected works of fiction will be read by Klemen Janežič, a member of the SNT Drama Ljubljana ensemble.

Join us on Friday, 10 March, at 17.00 in the Drama café. Free tickets can be collected at the Drama box office. Book early to avoid disappointment.