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Marko Sosič, Carlo Tolazzi

Trieste, a City at War



Igor Pison

Opening night

14 November 2014


90 minutes

Permanent Slovenian Theatre, Il Rossetti in Casa del Lavoratore Teatrale, Trieste

Director Igor Pison
Dramaturge Eva Kraševec
Adaptation Eva Kraševec, Igor Pison
Set designer Igor Pison
Costume designer Igor Pahor
Language consultant Tatjana Stanič
Music selection Igor Pison
Video Igor Pison, Tomaž Scarcia

Tadej Pišek
Primož Forte
Massimiliano Borghesi
Nikla Petruška Panizon
Lara Komar/Patrizia Jurinčič
Mariagrazia Plos
Adriano Giraldi
Maurizio Zacchigna
Roberta Colacino
Lorenzo Zuffi

This adaptation of two dramatic texts, the Slovenian Kakor v snu (As in a Dream) by Marko Sosič and the Italian Il pane dell’attesa (The Bread of Expectation) by Carlo Tolazzi, builds upon a simple question: Which story out of many should be chosen and told as the paradigmatic story about war, but not just any war, of course, but about the great World War? Or in the words of Marko Sosič: “Whose eyes should I speak through? Through whose perspective should I tell the story, which is but one among thousands?” Carlo Tolazzi creates an authentic atmosphere of Italian bourgeois family life during World War I in Trieste, while Marko Sosič answers with lyrically portrayed destinies of Slovenian women in Trieste and a Slovenian soldier. There could effectively be thousands of stories, but the authors have chosen specific ones. Through them one can understand both the complexity of the Trieste area entering turbulent times during World War I and the indelible consequences of the Great War.

A bilingual play with Slovenian surtitles for the Italian part of the text