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Simona Semenič

this apple, made of gold

Original title: to jabolko, zlato
Erotic drama
World premiere


Primož Ekart

Opening night

5 December 2019
Štihova Hall


85 minutes


Creative team


Zavod Imaginarni, Cankarjev dom, Mestno gledališče ljubljansko

Drama Igralec: Zavod Imaginarni, Cankarjev dom, Mestno gledališče ljubljansko | odpri ustvarjalca


Simona Hamer

Drama Igralec: Simona Hamer | odpri ustvarjalca


Maja Cerar

Drama Igralec: Maja Cerar | odpri ustvarjalca


Jelena Proković

Drama Igralec: Jelena Proković | odpri ustvarjalca



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Rosana Hribar

Drama Igralec: Rosana Hribar | odpri ustvarjalca


Andrej Hajdinjak

Drama Igralec: Andrej Hajdinjak | odpri ustvarjalca


Helena Šukljan

Drama Igralec: Helena Šukljan | odpri ustvarjalca


Mirjam Korbar

Nika Rozman

Mia Skrbinac

Primož Vrhovec

In 2017, this apple, made of gold was one of the five shortlisted plays for the national Grum Award for best new play presented at the 47th Week of Slovenian Drama Festival.
According to the jury panel, »this playscript establishes its own rules. The rules of a female author, sexuality as experienced by women, relationships, as seen by women, and the reality in which women of today live out their fantasies and in which modern women generally live. At first glance, it could easily seem that men act primarily as an object, but women protagonists do leave them enough space, so that one can detect the dilemmas of both sexes in relation to partnerships, love, cheating, and even to confessing. It is a dynamic discourse, presented in the form of dialogues and stage instructions intertwining scenes and parallel stories and allowing for flexible and open directing solutions and the creation of roles that can be daring or subdued, symbolic or explicit, crude and yet again romantic. The apple, as a symbol of forbidden fruit, recognition, freedom and the divine, unites women, women and men, women and the world into a purely erotic game, and thus elevates it decently and shields it skilfully against a decline into pornography. Yes, in theatre and in an open discourse with the viewer! «
this apple, made of gold is the third play by Simona Semenič directed by Primož Ekart. In 2012, his staging of the feast or the story of a savoury corpse or how roman abramovič, the character janša, julia kristeva, aged 24, simona semenič and the initials z.i. found themselves in a tiny cloud of tobacco smoke won the Rudi Šeligo Award as well as the Audience Award at the 42nd Week of Slovenian Drama Festival. It also won the Slovenian Association of Theatre Critics and Theatrologist Award for the best production in the 2011/12 season.
In 2015, Ekart directed Semenič’s play while i almost ask for more or a parable of the ruler and the wisdom, co-produced by the SNT Drama Ljubljana and the Imaginarni Institute.
this apple, made of gold, is a fruit of the co-production of three public institutions: Cankarjev dom, the Ljubljana City Theatre and the SNT Drama Ljubljana, and the Imaginarni Institute for cultural activities.

Primož Ekart




56th Maribor Theatre Festival