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Elias Canetti

The Wedding



Eduard Miler

Opening night

10 April 2015


90 minutes

Drama SNT Maribor

Director Eduard Miler
Translator Mojca Kranjc
Dramaturgy and text adaptation Žanina Mirčevska
Set designer Branko Hojnik
Costume designer Jelena Proković
Lighting designer Andrej Hajdinjak
Language consultant Janez Bostič
Music selection Eduard Miler
Assistant set designer Urša Vidic
Assistant costume designer Barbara Franjić
Make-up artist Mirjana Djordjević

Milada Kalezić
Sara Dirnbek
Kristijan Ostanek
Mirjana Šajinović
Maša Žilavec
Ivica Knez
Bojan Maroševič
Irena Mihelič
Mateja Pucko

Vlado Novak
Ksenija Mišič
Nika Rozman
Viktor Meglič
Nejc Ropret
Mojca Simonič
Vladimir Vlaškalić
Ana Urbanc
Aleš Valič
Davor Herga
Irena Varga
Peter Boštjančič
Maša Žilavec
Mateja Pucko
Sara Dirnbek
Matija Stipanič

German writer and Nobel Laureate for literature Elias Canetti (1905–1994), born in Bulgaria, tackled boundless social themes with a perceptive worldly spirit and without prejudice. His play The Wedding (1932), which has some parallels with A Respectable Wedding and Woyzeck, opens the door wide to this intimate poorhouse of relationships, wherefrom the foul smell of personal, family, and social decay spreads. In some apartments there are bodies dying, but in most others the ruined souls, obsessed with materialism and unsatisfied passions, are going mouldy. The hope that it is “awful, horrible enough to die” and that death will knock on the owner’s door as soon as possible is what keeps the multi-unit apartment house sitting on its foundations. The materialistic greed of collective hysteria, which echoes through the house instead of a wedding march, is captured in the prophetic words of the old Mrs Gile (the owner of the house) in the first scene: “That ain’t no wedding. I hear thunder.” While the residents strive to claim the ownership of the house by one intrigue or another, the newly-weds enter a “wonderful new life”.