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The opening of the Drama Festival 2017 featuring a concert by Teo Collori and the Momento Cigano Band

Guitar Teo Collori
Violin Matija Krečič
Clarinet Matej Kužel
Bass Jan Gregorka
Guitar Metod Banko

Teo Collori and Momento Cigano
Teo Collori and Momento Cigano is a band consisting of academically trained musicians playing a captivating mix of gypsy and dance swing music. Nostalgia is entwined with new stories, since they perform original music in style that takes one back to the age of lounges, cigars, charleston and patent leather shoes.

The band’s first album, Hot Club Piran, was nominated the »Album of the Year 2015« by a music portal Muzikobala. In 2016 the band won high recognition of quality in America, where their album was released by the world-famous Lowtemp label.