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The opening of Drama Festival 2016 with Jazz Ladies Concert

Jazz Ladies is a band of five girls who share a love of jazz: Natalija Tumpej (vocals), Taja Božič (piano), Nina Merkoci (saxophone), Nina Šilovinac (bass) and Nina Korošak Serčič (drums). Although founded fairly recently, the band has already performed at many public and private events, including the Lent Festival and the Arsana Music Festival. They play mainly jazz, swing and bebop standards. Their repertoire includes Latin American tunes and Slovenian pop songs too.

The band members are professionally trained musicians. Nina Merkoci graduated in jazz in Klagenfurt, Austria; Nina Šilovinac studied jazz for four years at the Department of Jazz, Karol Pahor Music School in Ptuj and now teaches bass at the B.A.S.E. Music School in Maribor; Natalija Tumpej obtained her education at the Karol Pahor Music School in Ptuj, and has trained with prominent Slovenian and foreign musicians ever since; Taja Božič continues her studies at the Klagenfurt Music Conservatory; Nina Korošak Serčič is a student at the Winnipeg Conservatory of Music in Canada.