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Henrik Ibsen

The Lady from the Sea


Opening night

27 January 2017


150 minutes, one interval

Národní divadlo Brno

Director Martin Františák
Dramaturg Lucie Němečková
Dramaturgy Consultant Petr Klarin Klár
Professional Consultant Karolína Stehlíková
Set and Costume Designer Marek Cpin
Stage Movement Consultant Petr Krušelnický


Erik Wangel, a country doctor Petr Halberstadt
Ellida Wangel, his second wife Eva Novotná
Boletta, his daughter of his first marriage Anna Stropnická
Hilda, his daughter of his first marriage Michaela Rykrová
Gunnar Arnholm, a school master Tomáš Šulaj
Hans Lyngstrand Martin Siničák
Ballested Václav Veselý
Stranger Roman Nevěčný


Ellida Wangel, the lady from the sea, is a kindred spirit of Hedda Gabler, Nora Helmer and the wild duck Hedvig Ekdal. A strangely charming woman, surrounded by the mystique of the fjords, is overwhelmed by her mysterious past. Ibsen, the grand master of Scandinavian drama, centred his sombre and magical mystery story on her; she is the one who incites the issues of faith, hope and sense. The staging in five acts, directed by Martin Františák, the artistic manager of the National Theatre Brno, and an authority on Henrik Ibsen, evokes a profound theatre experience of walking along a thin line, a boundary between a seemingly mundane reality and the fragility of a dream world.

»The impressively climaxed and visually suggestive staging offers a wealth of acting opportunities. Eva Novotná excels as Ellida; she has beautifully captured the main protagonist’s nervous strain in her effort to maintain personal integrity; she dominates the stage purposefully with no overdose of tragic undertones.«
Marce Sladkowski, Divadelní noviny

Slovenian surtitles

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