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Jan Cvitkovič

The Children of Adam and Eve



Jan Cvitkovič

Opening night

18 February 2015


80 minutes

SNT Nova Gorica

Director Jan Cvitkovič
Text authors Jan Cvitkovič, Ivo Barišič, Irena Kovačević, Miha Nemec, Marjuta Slamič
Preparation of actors for rehearsals Nataša Burger
Dramaturge Ana Kržišnik Blažica
Language consultant Srečko Fišer
Set designers Aleksander Blažica, Vasja Kokelj
Costume designer Polonca Valentinčič
Composer Primož Oberžan
Lighting designer Samo Oblokar
Ambient sound design Vladimir Hmeljak, Stojan Nemec

Ivo Barišič
Irena Kovačević
Miha Nemec
Marjuta Slamič
Primož Oberžan

The laboratory of life: a laboratory of birth, life, and death, where everything is physical or material, yet everything is completely metaphysical. A birth that hurts you, a life that injures you, and a death that makes you cry.
What are they like, those who are born? What are they like, those who live? How do they live, how do they die? And in between, a dance of fathers, mothers, and children, infants and the elderly, men and women – a dance of life and death, a dance of emotions and the body, a laboratory of relationships and sexuality. The apocalyptic world and the world of the unconscious, filled with competitiveness and liberation, violence and thankfulness, contempt and tenderness, fear and peace, anger and love, hatred and catharsis, enslavement and power, homelessness and belonging, condemnation and regret, accusation and suicide. A war of human beings, on the inside and outside.