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Milan Marković Matthis after the eponymous novel Teorema by Pier Paolo Pasolini




Sebastijan Horvat

Opening night

10 March 2017


130 minutes, one interval

Slovene Permanent Theatre, Trieste, Italy

Translator Gašper Malej
Director Sebastijan Horvat
Author of the adaptation and dramaturg Milan Marković Matthis
Ser Designer Jürgen Kirner
Costume Designer Belinda Radulović
ComposerDrago Ivanuša
Choreographer Anja Bornšek
Assistant Director Nina Ramšak

Paolo Vladimir Jurc
Lucia Maja Blagovič
Pietro Tadej Pišek
Odetta Sara Gorše
Emilia Nikla Petruška Panizon
Guest Jasmin Mekić

Alternating prose and verse, Pasolini’s novel Teorema (1968) deals with the arrival of an enigmatic stranger to the family of a wealthy Milanese business man. His intellectual and sexual attraction throws all family members from their pedestal of established order, and reveals their true petty bourgeois core. The authors of the production aim to stage the crumbling of a fragile façade of a respected social class, and to expose a class struggle from two points of view. Set in Milan in 1960s, the first act is directly linked to the motifs of Pasolini’s novel, while the second act is set in Trieste of today.

»The staging of Teorema, directed by Sebastijan Horvat, is indisputably derived from Pasolini’s themes and politics, but it also departs from them, mapping its idiosyncratic way. It maintains the central motif of a stranger, shaking up the rigid cast of an upper class world. Members of a bourgeois family, living in a stiff golden cage, suddenly grasp the falsity of their lives. The multitude of epiphanies is presented in a very physical way, since the protagonists are overwhelmed by insights, evoked by eroticism, generated by the stranger. «
Ivana Zajc, Primorski dnevnik