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Drama Acoustics

Tadej Toš & The Band

A newly founded group is led by Tadej Toš, better known to the general public as a stand-up comedian, a stage and film actor, and a host of various events, among others the attention-grabbing Viktor award ceremony for media achievements. Toš, a multi-talented artist, appears in a new role as the lead vocalist and electric guitar player. However, the group’s rock vibe has been definitely inspired by other group members too. These include Igor Leonardi, a self-taught guitar virtuoso who in the course of his brilliant career famously collaborated with the world’s greatest jazz artists, and members of the rock band Metallica. A bassline is played by Tadej Kampl, a graduate of the Klagenfurt Conservatory, and a student of Denis Irwin and Matthew Garrison, who subsequently nurtured his musical talent in India with the famous percussionist Suresh Talwalkar. The fourth member is a drummer Enos Kugler, no stranger to theatre and film himself, and a key member of many music groups. He has worked with many eminent performers, such as Vlado Kreslin, Fake Orchestra, Drago Ivanuša, Darja Švajger, Jazzinty Big Band with Judy Niemack, Davor Gobac.

Interested to see and, above all, to hear what it sounds like when Tadej Toš undergoes a change from a comedian and stage actor to a spot-on front man of the band The Band? Come and feel it on Thursday, 8 February at 19.00 on the Main Stage.

Roll on the Prešeren Day, and rock away the blues!