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Luigi Pirandello

Six Characters in Search of an Author

Kerempuh Satirical Theatre, Zagreb, Croatia


Oliver Frljić

Opening night

19 January 2018


90 minutes

Translator Helga Juretić
Direction and adaptation Oliver Frljić
Assistant to director Tim Hrvaćanin
Dramaturg Nina Gojić
Assistant to dramaturg Robin Mikulić
Set designer Igor Pauška
Costume designer Sandra Dekanić
Music selection Oliver Frljić
Stage movement Ana Kreitmeyer
Lighting designer Vesna Kolarec
Sound designer Alan Sinkauz
Executive producer and stage manager Mirela Tihava

Vilim Matula
Branka Trlin
Linda Begonja
Damir Poljičak
Roko Sikavica
Iva Šimić/Mirela Videk
Jerko Marčić
Borko Perić
Tihana Lazović
Kim Končar
Karlo Mlinar
Ozren Opačić
Josip Brakus
Matija Šakoronja

Pirandello’s most famous play and one of the most famous plays ever written, Six Characters in Search of an Author, is being played on the stage boards of the Kerempuh Satirical Theatre. It is the year 1921. Pirandello’s characters embark on a search for an author, which has lasted continuously to this day. In their search, however, something else transpires, which is presented in the current Kerempuh’s production directed by Oliver Frljić. In Croatia, searching for its identity exactly like Pirandello’s characters for the past 26 years, the play gets new meanings, since Frljić attacks uncompromisingly Croatian right-wing politics. At the very beginning of the performance, instead of staging another Pirandello’s piece, as prescribed in the meta-theatrical introduction to the play, the actors perform an improvised satirical sketch. Its protagonists are the most prominent representatives of the Croatian right-wing. Following a comically forceful introduction, the performance is related to Pirandello’s plotline, but not without many a subversive connotation. As a signatory of the Manifesto of Fascist Intellectuals, Pirandello indisputably has ideological heirs in contemporary Croatia – at least judging by a number of people who are unwittingly looking for him.

Slovenian and English surtitles

Followed by a post-show talk at the Drama Forecourt.