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Drama Acoustics

Silence Concert

Silence between two performances

Do not miss the rare cultural event alluring both to the critics and those in favour of strict austerity measures regarding culture / in the field of culture. The first can practice the discrete dozing off during the performance and the latter will finally not be bothered by the artists and other culture workers.

The first public interval between the two shows will take place on Sunday, 28 December, at 19:00 on the Main Stage. We have prepared a good hour of silence for you. The Silence Duet and their long time SODELAVEC pianist Igor Vićentić will perform 15 musical pieces composed for performances by Tomaž Pandur, Matjaž Pograjc and Ane Tomović. Six pieces have never before been performed live.

Punctuality is recommended – especially for those in favour of the austerity measures, as otherwise the beginning of the performance might surprise you.